Expand your newsletter reach to the global market!

Maximize your newsletter subscription by adapting your pricing to local markets and leveraging purchasing power parity.


Increase your subscription count across the globe

global reach

Overcome the challenges of reaching a global user base.

Your potential readers are around the world, but reaching and selling your newsletter subscription to them is challenging due to differences in purchasing power across markets.

target key markets

Target key markets with dynamic promotions and pricing.

With ParityDeals, dynamically tailor the pricing and promotions of your newsletter subscription to attract customers in key markets such as Asia, Latin America, Africa, and beyond based on purchasing power in each region.

One product for all your pricing strategies

Parity discount pricing rules

Price localization

Price your newsletter subscription competitively in every market, taking local purchasing power into account. Learn more

Celebratory discounts

Localized holiday promotions

Boost paid reader membership with localized promotions and offers tied to regional holidays and events. Learn more

Time-based flash deals

Flash deals promotions

Run flash promotions to create a sense of urgency and boost membership. With ticking-clock deals, your subscription sells faster. Learn more

Quantity-based pricing

Market insights

Gain insights into the performance of your newsletter in different markets to optimize your marketing effort. Learn more


Grow your newsletter readership with ParityDeals API

Our API offers real-time access to our comprehensive database of location-wise pricing, festivals, and more. Our platform streamlines pricing and promotions, so you can focus on creating quality content and engaging with your audience.

Seamless integration with your favorite newsletter platforms

Easily integrates with platforms like Lemon Squeezy, Gumroad, Circle, Substack, Hubspot, and more.

With ParityDeals’ adaptive pricing, Untitled UI increased revenue by 30%

Earlier, we were getting visitors from multiple countries, but the conversion rate was very low. Thanks to Paritydeals, we managed to increase our revenue by 30% by making our product accessible to our global audience. I would recommend all companies should try ParityDeals for geographical pricing automation.