Enable localized pricing with ParityDeals

Easily link your accounts and configure location-based pricing and promotions for your products with just a few clicks.

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How to integrate with ParityDeals

create deals

Create deals

Start adding your product by selecting ‘Create manually’ from the ‘Create deals’ dropdown.

select deal type

Select deal types and setup product info

Please note that you need to enter the exact website URL where you want to display the banner with the coupon code.

pricing rules

Verify pricing rules

Verify the discount percentage for each country group. You need to create coupon codes on your platform and add them here.

create coupons

Go to your platform coupons section and create coupons

Create coupon codes for all the discount percentages on your platform and add past them to paritydeals.


Customize your banner

Now configure the banner that will be added to your site. You could adjust the text, design, and placement of the banner as per your website theme.

Copy javascript code

Add the script tag

Add the following script tag to your platform account.

<script src=‘https://cdn.paritydeals.com/banner.js’></script>
banner preview

Banner preview

After adding ParityDeals to your account, targeted customers from different countries will see a banner on your page. The banner includes a discount code that corresponds to their location, allowing them to enjoy a reduced price at checkout. To test the banner, add a temporary discount coupon for your own country. Please note that VPN usage is detected and prevented from displaying coupons.

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