Create time-based flash deals to attract more users in limited time

Run multiple days discount sales or run for a time duration. Run dynamic sales deals by choosing discount drop percentage.

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Select your products

Add product from your Gumroad account or from your website

Select discount duration

Select discount duration

Select discount start time, drop percentage, discount duration

Select discount rules

Customize discount banner

Personalized your discount banner as per your website theme

Measure sales performance

Measure sales performance

Make sales strategy by measuring your sales performance by location

Key features

multiple days discount

Setup discount start time, drop percentage, discount duration

Run time-based dynamic discounts by selecting discount start time, drop percentage, or duration range. We have covered all use cases for your time-based discount deals.

Run multiple days discount sales

If you want to run your sales discount for single days or multiple days. We got the solutions right out of the box.

milestone sales

Milestones specific discount deals

Celebrate your key milestone like sales metric success, your birthday or your pet birthday:) with your users by running discount sales for them.

Run product launching discount

Launch your product with a bang by providing launching discounts to your first set of users.

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Target audience

Deep dive into finding the sales pattern

Our state-of-the-art dashboard analyzes the perfect sales timing, discount percentage for your product so you can target the right audience with the right time deals.

Enrich data insights

Understand your users holiday buying patterns and improve your sales campaign with powerful data insights.

Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage of running time-based discount sales?

If the discount is a limited-time offer, new customers will have a reason to try your products and services now rather than later.

How do you avoid fraudulent purchases?

Most of the fraudulent activity happens by using VPN. We have designed our platform to block all VPN usage to avoid this issue. With our robust algorithm, only genuine deserving users will be able to avail of the parity discount.

Is it available for non Gumroad users?

No, at present, time based deals are avaialble only for Gumroad users.

Do I need to any manual work for setting up the time based deals?

No, you just need to select the product from your Gumroad account and modify any discount rules if required. We'll automatically create coupons and update the disocunt banners real-time.