Optimize pricing across countries based on Purchasing Power Parity.

Purchasing power of each country is different. Setup various discount rules for different countries to maximize revenue.

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Select your products

Add product from your Gumroad account or from your website

Select discount rules

Select discount rules

Select rules for countries based on the Purchasing Power Parity

Select discount rules

Customize discount banner

Personalized your discount banner as per your website theme

Measure sales performance

Measure sales performance

Make sales strategy by measuring your sales performance by location

Key features

Pre defined discount rules

Pre-defined discount rules

Set up your discount banner with a few clicks by using our predefined discount rules which you can use with a single click.

Auto-generated discount rules grouped by Purchasing Power Parity

You don’t have to find various countries purchasing power. We have grouped countries and alloted discount based on their Purchasing Power Parity.

Pre defined discount rules

Reduce fraud by blocking VPN

We understand people do try to abuse the system by using VPN.To reduce this case, we have blocked the VPN usage for ParityDeals.

Extra layer of security.

Domain-based authentication and auto-refreshing coupons for avoiding fraudulent purchases.

Target audience

Target right audience

Our state-of-the-art dashboard analyzes the right market for your product so you can target the right audience.

Enrich data insights

Understand your users buying patterns by their geography and improve your sales campaign with powerful data insights.

Frequently asked questions

Why support Purchasing Power Parity?

Not everyone in the world earns a salary similar to the US salary. You can enable your products or services to reach those markets and get new customers by supporting Purchasing Power Parity.

How do you avoid fraudulent purchases?

Most of the fraudulent activity happens by using VPN, and we do not display the discount banners if users access your website using a VPN.

Can I manually enter discount coupons?

Yes, you can enter discount coupons manually during the deal creation.