Run festivals and holidays discount deals to boost your sales

Provide discount by festival, holidays, product launch, success milestones, or on your Birthday :)

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How it works?


Select your products

Add product from your Gumroad account or from your website

Manage holidays discount

Manage holidays discount

Create discount codes for different holidays or on your Birthday :)

Select discount rules

Customize discount banner

Personalized your discount banner as per your website theme

Measure sales performance

Measure sales performance

Make sales strategy by measuring your sales performance by location

Key features

Pre defined discount rules

Pre-selected holidays list

Set up your holidays deals banner with our pre-selected holidays list from various countries.

Setup discount duration

You can set up your holidays discount also for a specific period. So you can attract more users based by creating the FOMO effect.

auto generate coupons

Auto-generate coupons for Gumroad users

Gumroad users can generate their Gumroad coupons automatically in the Paritydeals deals section.

Localized festivals deals mechanism

You can run specific holiday discounts for a particular location.

Coming Soon
Target audience

Target the right audience with their personalized holidays deals

Our state-of-the-art dashboard analyzes the right market for your product so you can target the right audience with personalized holidays deals.

Enrich data insights

Understand your users holiday buying patterns and improve your sales campaign with powerful data insights.

Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage of running discount sales on holidays?

Running discounts during holidays or any occasion can boost your revenue. You can understand your customer's buying behavior on holidays from the dashboard, and you can design your sales strategy accordingly.

How do you avoid fraudulent purchases?

Most of the fraudulent activity happens by using VPN, and we do not display the discount banners if users access your website using a VPN.

What happens if I offer holiday and location deals together.

We always show the lowest price to users in case of conflict. If a user is already eligible for 40% PPP discounts and you offer a 50% discount on Black Friday, they'll see only the Black Friday deal.