Time based deals

Run multiple days discount sales or run for a time duration. Run dynamic sales deals by choosing discount drop percentage.

Getting Started:

At the moment, creating time-based deals is supported only for Gumroad users.

Select product.

  • Click on the Deals tab from the left-hand side main navigation.
  • Click on the “Create Deals via Gumroad” button on the top right. You need to connect with your Gumroad account for the first time.
  • Select the Product you want to set up discounts for and click on the Next button.
Select product

Product setup.

  • Enter your product website URL where you want to display the discount banners.
  • Enter targeted pages.

For example, specify the pricing page path if you want to display the discount banners only on the pricing page.

Leave this field blank if you want to display the banners on all pages

Note: - Add only the path after the domain. For, e.g., /pricing.

  • Review and update the product name and description if required
  • Select the “Time-based flash deals” option and click “Next” button on the bottom right corner.
Time-based flash deals

Discounts setup

  • The current screen will allow you to add the values for:

    • Discount starts at: 90% (Starting discount percentage)
    • Drop: how much percentage should be dropped(ex: 5%)
    • Every:(day) Duration of drop percentage(ex: “Hour” for dropping 5% every hour / “Day” Dropping 5% every day)
    • From date: (2022-01-01) When you want to start running the deal
    • For: For how many days you want to run the deals(ex: 4 days)

The above configuration will start the deal on 2022 January 1st and end on January 4th. And discount percentage on respective dates would be: January 1: 90% January 2: 85% January 3: 80% January 4: 75%

  • Coupons will be automatically created on your Gumroad account based on the discount percentage
set up discount

Customize discount banners

You can customize discount banners based on your website theme. Learn more about customizing discount banners.

Customize banner

Adding discount banners to your site

And finally, you need to a tiny JavaScript file to your website to display discount banners.

<script src=‘https://cdn.paritydeals.com/banner.js’></script>

Learn more about adding discount banners to your site.