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Posted on April 24, 2023 - 3 min read

From pricing chaos to growth: Mastering price experimentation for your SaaS company.

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As a SaaS company, one of the most important levers for growth is your pricing strategy. But how do you determine the best pricing for your SaaS offering? The answer is through ongoing price experimentation.

Price experimentation means frequently making incremental changes to your pricing and offers to see how your customers and revenue respond. By testing different price points, bundles, discounts, and models, you can gain valuable data and insights to optimize your pricing.

Here are some tips for effective price experimentation:

Start small:
Make incremental changes, don’t overhaul your entire pricing model at once. You want to isolate the impact of each change.

Test different price points:
Try offering your product at a higher or lower price to different customers. See how it impacts conversion and revenue.

Experiment with pricing models:
If you charge per user, try usage-based pricing. Or add a premium plan.

Run promotions and discounts:
Offer limited-time promotions to certain customer groups. See how price-sensitive your customers are and how much it impacts sales.

Analyze, optimize, repeat:
Track how each experiment impacts key metrics like MRR, churn, and conversion rates. Adjust your pricing based on the results. Price experimentation never ends.

Find customer’s willingness to pay:
With price experimentation, you can gain data-driven insights into your customers' willingness to pay and find the right pricing plans to propel SaaS growth. Keep testing, tweaking, and optimizing your pricing, and your revenue will follow.


Optimize your pricing strategy with ParityDeals

ParityDeals helps businesses crack the code on international pricing. It focuses on purchasing power parity pricing, which accounts for differences in countries’ purchasing power.

Optimize international pricing:
Adjusting prices based on local purchasing power and willingness to pay. This avoids over or underpricing.


Data-driven price recommendations:
Help you aim to maximize revenue in each market based on demand and competition.

Recommendation based on local competitors:
Constantly monitoring pricing and recommends adjustments to respond to market changes. It tracks competitors’ prices and factors like inflation that affect purchasing power.

Continuous price monitoring:
Price optimization isn’t one-size-fits-all. We helps you target various markets, and provide customized pricing recommendations tailored to specific market. Price optimization is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Easy to implement:
Integrate seamlessly with ParityDeals. Our API access allows you to enhance your product’s functionality with existing tools like Lemon Squeezy, Stripe, and Chargebee, and many more for a hassle-free integration and a seamless user experience.


Take the guesswork out of international pricing through purchasing power parity and price optimization solutions. Our customized, data-driven recommendations can maximize global revenue growth and competitive advantage in new markets.


Unleash the global potential of your SaaS with ParityDeals' powerful pricing capabilities Reach out to us to book a demo.