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Select discount rules

Select discount rules

Verify and confirm predefined dynamic pricing rules

Select discount rules

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Display dynamic pricing on your website with our easy-to-use API

Measure sales performance

Measure sales performance

Optimize pricing strategy by measuring your sales performance.

Solutions to boost revenue growth

Easily set up adaptive pricing and discounts based on users geographical location, holidays, and their willingness to pay.

Festivals and holidays deals

Festivals and holidays deals

Provide discount by festival, holidays, occasions or on your Birthday :) Learn more...

Parity discount pricing rules

Optimize geographical pricing

Setup optimal pricing for different countries to suit their purchasing parity power. Learn more...

Time-based flash deals

Time-based flash deals

Run time-based flash deals to increase your customers count. Learn more...

Quantity-based flash deals

Quantity-based flash deals

Run dynamic flash discount deals based on the available product quantity.

Benefits of geographical pricing?

Geographical pricing enables your products to reach multiple market segments, resulting in higher profits and more satisfied customers.

Drive Acquisition

Drive Acquisition

Extend your reach to emerging markets

Unlock the untapped emerging markets with geographical pricing to acquire new customers

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Improve Conversions Overseas

Set an optimal price point for each market that drives conversions.



Win the competition

Be first to enter a new market, and corner the market share before your competitors.

Key features

Reduce fraud and abuse

Reduce fraud and abuse

To reduce system abuse, Restrict promotions from VPN and Proxy users.

Auto refreshing coupons

Auto refreshing coupons

Domain-based authentication and auto-refreshing coupons for avoiding fraudulent purchases.

Integrate with gumroad

Integrate Gumroad, Stripe...

Integrate your Gumroad account and start your one-click discount setup for your products.


Unified view of the sales funnel

Track insights to drive conversions, improve customer retention, and increase revenue

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Testimonial Kyle Prinsloo

I'm a massive fan of ParityDeals! The product is awesome, easy to use, and the support has been fantastic.

I highly recommend it.

Kyle Prinsloo Studywebdevelopment

Testimonial Arvid

I'm using ParityDeals to offer purchasing power parity pricing for my courses.

It is super easy to set up. Took 2 minutes!

Arvid Kahl Findyourfollowing

Testimonial Harsh

ParityDeals is amazing, Loved the Gumroad Integration and Analytics features.

It took me less than 3 mins to set up. I'm getting more sales every month now. Thanks for creating an amazing product!

Harsh Makadia Zero-to-mvp

Testimonial David

I wanted to offer PPP for those that need it, Gumroad doesn't have PPP support, I tried ParityDeals, it's easy to set up.

Now my readers can get discounts up to 70% off making purchases affordable its a win-win situation. I highly recommend ParityDeals.

David Carr ModularLaravel

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