Price Smarter, Sell bigger!

Optimize your product pricing across countries to maximize revenue. Complete setup in under 2 minutes. No coding required.

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Price your product on each market's willingness to pay

Provide optimal pricing to your customers by dynamically localizing your product pricing. Dynamic pricing is the most powerful way to boost your sales revenue growth

With ParityDeals’ adaptive pricing, Untitled UI increased revenue by 32%

I believe all digital products should optimize prices for each geographical location.

ParityDeals took under 5 minutes to set up and help make my product affordable for everyone across the globe.

Plus, I was stoked to see overall revenue increase by more than 30%. It’s a win-win, and I highly recommend it!

100% money back if you cannot increase sales by a minimum of 20%

24/7 real-time customer support and training

Fraud and abuse prevention by blocking VPN usage

Domain-based authentication, auto-refreshing coupons


Pricing software that will boost your revenue growth by more than 50%

Digital products are not accessible to 85% of the internet users due to different Purchasing Power Parity

  • Expand your product's global reach by location-based pricing
  • Charge more prices for higher-income economies
  • Engage inactive customers with dynamic pricing & discounts

No-code magic setup

Setup dynamic pricing for your product/service without the help of a developer

  • Automatically display discount banners by the users' location
  • Manage pricing rules directly via ParityDeals Dashboard
  • Easy to use API for more customization

Monitor your sales performance in action

Stay close pulse to sales performance by discount offers, locations, and products. Optimize and iterate to drive revenue growth

  • Target global audience by their willingness to pay
  • Analyze users buying patterns by their geography, purchase timing, and the best discount percentage

One product for all your pricing strategies

Celebratory discounts

Celebratory discounts

Provide discount by festival, holidays, occasions or on your Birthday :) Learn more...

Parity discount pricing rules

Optimize geographical pricing

Setup optimal pricing for different countries to suit their purchasing parity power. Learn more...

Time-based flash deals

Flash deals

Run time-based deals to create an urgency and increase sales velocity. Learn more Learn more...

Quantity-based pricing

Quantity-based pricing

Run dynamic flash discount sales based on the available product quantity.

Connect ParityDeals with your existing tools


Connect ParityDeals with your Stripe account. That's it. We'll take care of the rest. Read docs


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